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The Story Behind El Patron Restaurant.

Growing up on a farm in Veracruz Mexico with six siblings, food was naturally a central part of chef Rogelio Sosa’s life. “My father grew corn, beans, jalapeños, tomatoes, cactus - we had cows and chickens and pigs, even a fish farm,” Sosa said, who was second oldest. “I had to learn from my mother all the recipes to make for my brothers.” Sosa’s face takes on a look of nostalgia as he talks about those days, “It is a connection with my father” he said. “I love all the flavors and trying new things.” The logo of his restaurant El Patron - “The boss” in Spanish - features a stylized portrait of Sosa’s father. Sosa and his wife, Lucy, now have three locations. “Everything is made from scratch even the chips and tortillas are made in house.” Said Lucy Sosa. We mix our own seasoning, it’s all fresh.”


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